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  • zophah

    I heard about that silver mirror explanation too. It was from an anime.

    • NixieSeal

      Really? Which anime included this?

      • zophah

        Darn… I can’t find it because I can’t remember the name. I know the main character is a high school teacher in a world where some humans are born with traits from monsters. The students there with such traits are a Yuki Onna, dullahan, and vampire, while a new teacher there is a succubus.

        • NixieSeal

          Huh, well, it sounds like a fun show! Let me know if you remember the name!

          • zophah

            Found it! “Interviews with Monster Girls”

  • actually old cameras used silver based film, modern cameras are the ones that use mirrors. though i believe they use silver backed mirror-prisms in them, since the silver gives better optical qualities. (they even use these in digital cameras)

  • TheMjohann

    I dont know why. But Avi brushing his teeth is kinda adorable. XD

  • lorddaius

    Poor Avi. That has to be the worst tease ever. It’s like steak dinner on TV while eating (cheap) ramen

    • Second Son

      Is there any other kind of ramen?

      • lorddaius

        Yes there is adequate ramen.

  • Also the film itself often used silver. Yet more anti-vampire metal in the mix.