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Natural Habitat

Natural Habitat published on 5 Comments on Natural Habitat
Normally, my supporters on Patreon get to see Debunkers pages three days early- but it’s been along time since I updated, and I wanted to share a little news. There’s a reason for the delay: I went on a trip and got terribly ill, and I’m still not fully recovered. I think I had a flu that turned into pneumonia. Not fun. Very exhausting. I’ve been mostly out of commission for a couple weeks. I think I’m finally starting to get better, though. But soon, I should be able to do comics faster. Starting in a couple weeks, my younger kid will be in preschool, so I’ll actually have a few hours alone four days a week! An uninterrupted chance to draw! Wild stuff! Something to look forward to! Here’s to some productive Debunking!
  • DarkMyste

    Aww get better nixie,and yay for preschool the best idea ever created comes in the form of education and gives the parents a breather and break to do things that we love to do while the cats get taught how to meow lol I know bad pun but it fits..

  • MrAMP

    Man, these humans are pretty dense. XD

    • Second Son

      They must be college students.

      • Shadowkey392

        …but I went to college and was never that dense…

    • Shadowkey392

      Sadly, this is a rather true to life representation of the stereotypical average modern human teenager.