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My Work Is Done

My Work Is Done published on No Comments on My Work Is Done
Big news for Debunkers!
Debunkers issue #1 is now available as a PDF download for supporters on Patreon, or for sale on Gumroad!
The pages in this issue have been edited and some have been colorized.
There will only be one more page released for free on the Katbox. That page will be the conclusion of issue #4 of Debunkers.


Mine published on 7 Comments on Mine

Looks like the sun is setting…

Fun fact: panels six through ten were actually sketched by Cervelet, the artist of Addictive Science! We got in a race to see who could get the poses done first, and he absolutely destroyed me even though I had a head start. He technically also sketched the last panel, but his take on the pose didn’t quite match my vision. Here’s his sketches!