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Debunkers is MOVING

Debunkers is MOVING published on No Comments on Debunkers is MOVING

Jeez, I only update twice and then I have to drop THIS bombshell on you guys… Sorry about that.

Here’s a link to the Webtoons page where Debunkers will now be hosted.

And if you want more details about how this decision came about, see this post on the main Katbox page.

Issue 5, Page 6

Issue 5, Page 6 published on No Comments on Issue 5, Page 6


… Okay. I have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to finish Debunkers in nearly as high quality as I had expected anytime in the near future. But I may still be able to finish it… Just with linework and sketches and prose. Some day I may come back and replace these pages with full quality versions, but at this point, I’d rather the comic just gets read at all.  The next 40 pages are complete (well, as complete as they can get for now) and that should give me enough time to finish the complete story, all the way to the end. Yes, there IS an end. I am still hoping that someday I can come back and make these pages in full color and then compile them into more ebooks.

You may notice a change in how the pages are numbered and named. During the hiatus, I converted the entire series into ebooks, which can be purchased here or downloaded through Patreon. Since ebooks required pages of uniform length, I had to change the page numbering. If you’ve done all your reading on the Katbox or Webtoons, this would be page 55; if you were reading the ebooks, it’s issue 5, page 6.

If you could let your friends on social media know that Debunkers is finally out of hiatus, that would be greatly appreciated. I suspect that most of my readers aren’t checking for updates anymore, after this long hiatus!

REGARDING PATREON: I am no longer regarding Debunkers as a series worth charging patrons for. The Patreon is still set to charge based on how many charged posts I make per month, and that number is not going to include Debunkers while it’s just sketches and inks like this.

My Work Is Done

My Work Is Done published on No Comments on My Work Is Done
Big news for Debunkers!
Debunkers issue #1 is now available as a PDF download for supporters on Patreon, or for sale on Gumroad!
The pages in this issue have been edited and some have been colorized.
There will only be one more page released for free on the Katbox. That page will be the conclusion of issue #4 of Debunkers.


Mine published on 7 Comments on Mine

Looks like the sun is setting…

Fun fact: panels six through ten were actually sketched by Cervelet, the artist of Addictive Science! We got in a race to see who could get the poses done first, and he absolutely destroyed me even though I had a head start. He technically also sketched the last panel, but his take on the pose didn’t quite match my vision. Here’s his sketches!